Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Copy and paste it onto an email messsage and send to CheapyCheap (at) gmail (dot) com by September 25.

The Basics:
1. Knitty board name:
2. IRL name:
3. E-mail address
4. Mailing address:
5. Where are you willing to ship? (INTL/USA only/OTHER-specify) (I’ll do my best, no guarantees):
6. Are you allergic to Smoke/Cats/Dogs? (Please answer in this format: Y/N/N = allergic to smoke only)
7. Do you live with smokers/dogs/cats? (Please answer in same format as above.)
8. Please declare food, fragrance and other allergies here:
9. Blog URL (optional):
10. Birth date (optional):
11. Family/living arrangement (optional):

The Knitty:
1. How long have you been knitting?
2. How/why/from whom did you learn?
3. What is your knitting level (beginner/intermediate/expert)?
4. What type of yarn(s) do you prefer (fiber content/weight/type/favorite brands)?
5. What yarns make you want to run the other direction (include fiber allergies here)?
6. Would you mind receiving recycled yarn as a gift?
7. What colors do you prefer?
8. What colors do you dislike?
9. Do you prefer solid, variegated, stripes, heathers, and/or tweed yarn?
10. What other crafts/DIY do you enjoy or want to try?
11. What are your favorite items to knit?
12. What’s on your needles right now?
13. Speaking of needles, what’s your preference (type, brand, size)?
14. Do you knit socks?
15. What knitting technique would you like to try next?
16. Who gets most of your FOs (including you)?
17. Do you have a favorite designer?
18. How about a knitting shero?
19. What books are on your wishlist? List them here or paste the URL to a wishlist.

What is your favorite:
1. Food:
2. Beverage:
3. Fruit:
4. Vegetable:
5. Candy:
6. Flower:
7. Animal:
8. Holiday:
9. Movie:
10. Cartoon character:
11. Bath additive:
12. Scent:
13. Season:
14. Author:
15. Musical artist:
16. Toy from when you were a child:
17. Saying/quote/mantra:

Just how frugal are you anyway? Do you…
1. Cook/bake?
2. Dollar bin dive?
3. Use coupons?
4. Garage/yard sale?
5. Compost?
6. Garden?
7. Cut your own hair?

Tell us a little bit more about you
1. What’s your least favorite household chore?
2. What would you give me to do it for you?
3. Tea? Coffee? Both?
4. Fill in the blank: All you need is ______________.
5. Is the skein half used up or is half still left?
6. Who on the knittyboard could be your long-lost sibling?
7. Socks: constricting or comforting?
8. Fill in the blank: Give (your name) a ____________ and she’ll be happy all day.
9. Money’s no object, where shall we go?
10. What do you do with those leftover bits of yarn?
11. Please list the holidays that you celebrate that fall during this round:

Lastly, take the time to add anything else you think your CASP should know about you.

For your gourdess’ use only: Please list all former Knitty SPs:

Welcome to Cheapa$$ Secret Pal 3, aka CASP3.

What is CASP? Well, in the words of our illustrious co-founder Roxy: "The idea is to exchange patterns, ecards, snail mail cards, cute pics, fun links and things that you don't have to spend $ on. If you want to send something RAK-style out of your existing stash too, that is fine, but no one will be required to spend $ on gifts."

Yard sale and thrift store finds are also encouraged. So are hand-crafted gifts.

Please do not confuse cheapa$$ with sit on your a$$ - being a CASP pal will take as much, if not more time and creativity as the conventional SP rounds. And while it's cheap, it's not free. At a minimum, you will be spending money on postage to send cards and small care packages.

The questionannaire is in the next post.

CheapA$$ Rules:

1. There is a 100 post minimum which must be met by Sept 25, when the questionnaires are due. (see dates below)

2. No spending minimum.

3. There is no contact frequency minimum; however keep in mind that the CheapA$$ SP is about showering your pal with goodness on the cheap, and a quick note or email is about as cheap as you can get. Suggested contact: 1 message per week (email, PM, ecard, snailmail) and 3 small packages distributed through the round.

4. Since several popular holidays fall during this round, it will be generally understood that pals may opt to take part of December off from pal duties. Please do not fall off the face of the planet; communicate with your downstream pal or 'spoilee' when you'll be out-of-touch so that she won't think she's been abandoned.

CheapA$$ Official Dates:
Sept 20: Button Contest ends. Details TBA.
Sept 25: Deadline to submit questionnaires to the official CASP3 email addy [CheapyCheap (at) gmail (dot) com]
Oct 1 - Jan15: Rampant spoilage and giddy mayhem
Jan 15: Reveal your super-secret identity

Contact info: the CASP3 official email addy [CheapyCheap (at) gmail (dot) com] or PM saintjay.