Thursday, February 23, 2006

All this and cheap too!

Fabulous. Simply fabulous... you guys are amazing LOL

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Jealous Much? :)

Have a lookie-poo at the Treasure Trove of Goodies sent to me by Ivana Dahlink! Much luff goes out to her.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Just wanted to say I love my Knittyknittycheapcheap

SP. She is great! She sends me nice e-mails and cards.

I appreciate my SP with all my heart!



Thursday, February 16, 2006

Who Rocks? Ivana Tinkle Rocks.

Her actual SP name is Lucky4Penny, but we'll call her Ivana for our purposes here today. Money can't buy happiness, as we all know, so Ivana emailed me some heartfelt cheer in response to a recent post in my Blog of Brilliance In Which I Darn Near Collapse at a Goodwill Store in High Ridge, Missouri. Reminding me to take care of myself was a very kind thing to do, and I am grateful for your comforting thoughts.

Here's a silly picture of me for everyone's amusement -

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I love my SP!

So this gigantic box gets delivered to my office today. I almost didn't get it because I'm working in an office where no one knows my name (temporary digs until our new office is remodeled)

But behold the cheap-y goodness:
A rainbow of plastic bags for my raincoat, some odds n'ends yarn for a couple of knitted outfits for my son's stuffed monkey--and to top it off--some Necco convo hearts! Hee hee!!! My SP is too cool!!!! I can't stop smiling!!

Ok, gratuitous gush is over now. :-)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

All this and cheap too


Y'all are NUTS!

PK thank you so much for setting up this blog and your hard work for representing the madness that is Fru-Gal SP'ing. It's so awesome to see so much happiness floating around.

Big hugs,


PS - I just got back from Whole Foods Market and had my fill of tasty free samples. Thought of all you gals the whole time *chuckles*

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I have been Cheeply Had

The Wooley Meister has enriched my frugal self with a postcard to brighten my otherwise dreary day and a coupon to one of my very favorite places - Hobby Lobby - How did you know that I was going to shop this weekend and now at $$$ off!

Thank E! Thank E!


Check this out, Chicas!

I got this Virtual Goodie Basket from my Genius Cheapass SP and I thought it was Genius enough to Inspire Us if We're Stumped. Here it is -

Dahlink, you are mahvelous. You deserve a package, yes? But the post
office and all its dreary workers take far too long for you, dahlink.
The packages will come later, yes? Right now you deserve something,
and you deserve it now. The wonder that is Penny Karma must be

So, dahlink, I have gathered up a virtual goodie basket for you.

First, we have The Food! The ultimate recipes to brighten your life
with flavour and yet balance health and kiddie-appeal. Yes, dahlink,
your dahlink little ones will eat these, too. And your man. No one
but you need know they are low fat and full of goodness. I order my
servants to cook from this book as often as possible. And am I not a
fabulous ideal of womanliness?

(The Thigh Who Loved Me is perfect for making ahead and freezing,
dahlink. So practical yet fabulous, yes?)
Then, we must have The Knitting!

First, a free pattern.
It is possible that someone as mahvelous as Penny Karma already knows of it. But what a tragedy if you do not.

Second, a knitting joke. It applies to you and your little ones, yes?

Third, the podcast. It's like knitting with a friend. A slightly less fabulous friend than Penny Karma, perhaps, but allowances must be made, no?
Then, we must have the Family!

Crafts and foods for sharing the love:

Dahlink, until next time.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Hiya, Kids, Hiya!

Grabba Brew! Don't Cost Nuthin...

Come Join the Hootenanny! Where Thrift, Tightwaddery, Frugality, and other forms of Cheapassness are Warmly Welcomed and Festively Celebrated.

Thought this might be a fun way of documenting our Creative Frugality, and perhaps inspire others to Heroic Feats of Cheapass Brilliance.

Email me, and I'll add you so you can post too.